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Diana, part II
Post by blackwolf on Apr 21, 2006, 8:47pm

I was still staring out over the water when she returned with two bowls and some bread.

"Well, I was able to salvage some of it" she said, handing me a bowl and a little bread.

"Thank you" I said, and used the bread to scoop out some of the soup. "Man" I thought, "too bad I don't have one of Zena's scoopy thingies. I wonder where everyone is right now."



"You looked like you somewhere else just a second ago."

"Sorry. Was just thinking about some friends. Good soup by the way." I said.

"Thank you," she replied.

For a while we just sat and ate the bread and soup, enjoying the peace of the day and just having someone else there. Even when I finished the food, I laid back down with my hands behind my head, staring up at the sky and the clouds. Finally, I said"It's very peaceful here."

"Yeah. This was one of the reasons my parents decided to live out here instead of in the village."

Turning my head to look at her face, I saw love and sadness in her green eyes. "Your parents?"

Nodding her head, she said "they were nature people and more at home in the forest than around people. When we came to this area, originally they were going to live in the village for my sake so that I could be with people my own age, but then they found this clearing and knew that they had to live nearby. I didn't mind. I love the forest as much as they did." She pointed to two large rocks on the other side of the pond. "In fact, they asked to be buried in their favorite place when they died instead of a cemetery. I just hadn't anticipated it happening so soon."

Sitting up to look out over the pond again, I asked "What happened?"

She shook her head and looked down at her hands which lay clenched in her lap. "It happened a bit after we moved here, not more than a year ago. I was out exploring in the woods, getting to know the plants and trails. I found fox den, and stayed out of sight nearby, hoping to catch sight of the babies. I don't remember staying there for long, but before I knew it the sun was setting and I realized I needed to get home. When I came back, the place was smashed up, and....and they...." tears were flowing down her face by now, and she couldn't continue. I simply sat there, letting her cry, my eyes never leaving the rocks on the opposite side. I wanted to comfort her, but didn't know how.

"I'm sorry" she said with some sniffling when she'd gotten control enough to talk. "I thought I was over it. It happened so long ago."

Shaking my head, I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile. "There's no need to apologize. Losing a loved one is never easy, and there's no such thing as 'getting over' the loss of a loved one. The best you can do is accept they're gone, and know that they would want you to go on with your life with a smile."

"I know that's what they would want" she said, looking at the graves of her parents with tears still in her eyes. "But I miss them so much. I've been so lonely without them."

"Why didn't you move into town then if you were lonely?"

Chuckling slightly, she looked at me and said "let's just say I'm not very welcome."

"Huh?!" I asked, startled and surprised.

"Well, I really don't blame them. You see, the attacks on the village started not long after my family and I moved here. At first people thought it was just a coincidence, which it was. But then the attacks worsened, and through it all, I've remained unscathed, other than the loss of my parents. Every time I went into town, people would ask if I'd had any problems, and not wanting them to worry about me, I said that I hadn't. You see, as soon as anyone approaches the place, I go into hiding, so I've never had any attacks on my person like the others have. Soon, people started believing that I was part of the problem. After a while, I stopped going. I couldn't stand their accusing stares any longer." She paused a bit, and I digested the information. The villagers hadn't seemed like the type of people that would do that. However, I knew that in hard times, somebody always ended up the scapegoat, whether they deserved it or not.

"That's not all though" Diana continued. "Right before I stopped going, I heard a rumor was spreading around that my brother was part of the raids, and that was why I was unharmed."

"Brother? You never said anything about a brother."

"That's because I don't have one, at least not that I'm aware of. I don't know how the rumor got started, but at the time I really didn't care. It was just easier to leave."

With her story done, we both sat in silence again. I vaguely noticed that the sun had started to set, and the wind had a slight chill to it now. I tried to find a way to be angry at the villagers at how they had treated her, but couldn't, especially since even Diana didn't seem to blame them. I would need to ask Lanudi what his thoughts on the subject were.

Standing, I asked "May I go visit them?"


"Your parents. May I go visit them. I'd like to see their favorite place."

With a sad yet gratified smile on her face, Diana nodded her head and I helped her to stand. We made our way around the pond, and Diana picked some flowers along the way. She placed them on the stones, then kneeled down next to their graves and cleaned some of the accumulated debris away. Looking down at her, a wave of protectiveness washed over me, and in my mind to her parents I said "I don't know all that's going on here, but I promise you that I will protect your daughter. She won't be alone as long as I'm around."

"Well, well, well. What do we have here" said a harsh voice from behind us.

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First battle
Post by blackwolf on Apr 22, 2006, 1:35pm

I swung around and saw four men rounding the pond from the direction of the trail. They wore fine but worn leather armor and each had a sword either strapped to their back or to their waist. "It looks like a couple of little lost lambs" continued the man in the lead, obviously the leader of this little group. "What do you think guys? Should we give them an escort?" His question was answered by chuckling and nods by his men as they continued to walk closer.

I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see where Diana was. She was trying to put on a brave front, but the trembling of her hand on the sling at her waist and the darting of her eyes betrayed her nervousness. Keeping my eyes on the approaching men, I whispered "I want you to get behind your parents' stones and stay there for now."

"What about you?" She asked fearfully, still switching between watching the men and looking for an escape route.

I could feel my blood start to rise with the knowledge of the inevitable battle, and my hands started to tremble, but with excitement instead of fear. Smiling, I said "don't worry about me."

Finally swinging her gaze to me, Diana took a step back when she saw my eyes. Gone was the woman that had talked and ate soup with her, and in her place was a warrior woman with fire in her eyes and a smile on her lips. She took another step back when I glanced at her. She relaxed though when I smiled reassuringly at her and then nodded my head towards the rocks. "Don't worry" I said. "I won't let anything happen to you."

After a bit, she nodded her head, then took up position behind the rocks. I swung my gaze back to the men. They had stopped a few feet away, fingering their weapons with an evil glint in their eyes. "Can I help you gentlemen?" I asked.

"Well, now" the leader said "I think it'd be us that would be helping you. These woods can be dangerous at night, and it wouldn't be right for ladies such as yourselves to be out without some protection." His men chuckled again, finding the idea of being escorts and protectors funny.

"I thank you for your concern, but we're just fine, I assure you. So, if you don't mind, my friend and I will be leaving now."

Shaking his head, the leader said "sorry, but as gentlemen, we really should escort you back to the town."

My eyes widened slightly at the mention of the town. I swung my gaze in the direction of the village. While I didn't see any smoke, I had a feeling that it would only be a matter of time, and the need to protect the people rushed back to me. I knew I needed to take care of these guys quickly.

"I thank you for your consideration, but I really must be leaving now, and I would move faster without you slowing me down" I said as I got into a fighting stance.

Laughing outrightly now, one of the other men said "hey boss, I think she plans on trying to take us. And her without a weapon. I almost feel sorry for her."

"Well, if you're that concerned about my welfare, I guess I'll just take yours" and sprang into action.

By the time the others had drawn their swords to meet my charge, I already had my fist planted in the gut of the jokester. As he doubled over from the loss of breath, I drew his sword from his back, then kneed him in the face to knock him down. Steel rang as I met the swing of a sword, then side-stepped the other two attempts to hit me. Grabbing the man's wrist opposite me, I swung him into the guy on my right with enough force to knock them both to the ground. Turning to the last guy, who happened to be the leader, I parried his first thrust, then stepped into his second to deliver an elbow to his nose. Stumbling back, his eyes watering and grabbing his broken and bloodied nose, I quickly dispatched him with a sword through his gut.

The other two were up and approaching again, and the first guy that I'd knocked down was starting to moan and trying to get up.
As I manuevered myself into position for the next attack, I heard a sharp whistle and out of the corner of my eye I saw a rock connect with the temple of the man still on the ground, easily knocking him out. Wow I thought, impressed. She has some skill with that thing.

I watched as the last two approached me, cautious now. They moved together quite fluidly, and I could tell that they had fought togehter often. One swung at me, and as I dodged, the other judged my movement and then swung his sword accordingly. By the time I parried his blade, the other was swinging his own sword back around. Jumping backwards, I narrowly missed getting my side cut. Smiling confidently now, the men inched forward. They never saw it coming.

As the first one was getting ready to swing at me again, a rock flew right by his face, causing him to disrupt his swing and stumble backwards. The other guy, his timing now off, was caught off-guard as I swung my own sword at his now unprotected side. As he parried my blow, I grabbed his wrist, swung him around so his back was to me, and used him as a shield as the other one, who had gotten his balance back, thrust in my direction. He wasn't able to pull back in time, and impaled his companion. Stepping to the side, I quickly dispatched of the last one. It was done so perfectly that he and his impaled companion fell to the ground at the same time.

Diana slowly came out from behind the rocks, her sling still clutched in one hand, a stone ready in the other. Nodding in her direction, I made my way over the man that was knocked out. He had a little trickle of blood making it's way down his face from where the stone had connected.

"What are you going to do with him?" Diana asked, joining me by his side.

"I want to question him, but I don't have the time. I need to get back to town. I have a feeling that they'll be attacked soon." Putting my sword above him, I made to plunge it down. Diana put her hand on my arm to stop me.

"I have some rope nearby. I could tie him up so that you can question him later."

Shaking my head, I said "I don't know when he'll wake up, and I don't want you to be around when he does. I want you to go to your hiding place and wait until morning before you come out."

"I'll be fine. He'll be out for a while, and it won't take me long to go and get the rope. If you would drag him to one of the trees, I'll be right back." With that, she started to run towards the trail. I went to go after her, not knowing what might be waiting at her house. However, when she got to the trail, she veered off into the woods and disappeared.

Darkness was quickly stealing over the clearing, and the need to get to the town was fast approaching unbearable. However, I dragged the man to the nearest tree, and even cut a piece of his leather to act as a gag. I then dragged the others out of the clearing and into the woods, scattering forest debris on top of them. I'd come back later to dispose of the bodies.

I went back to look at the dark spots that now contaminated the once pristine clearing. Anger at having to do so filled me. I was still looking at the battle scene when Diana came running back, a large coil of rope in her hand. Taking it from her, I made quick work of tying the man to the tree. When I was done, I grabbed Diana by the shoulders and forced her to look into my eyes. "Now, I want you to go to your hiding place and stay there until morning. I'll meet you here in this clearing just after sunrise."

Nodding her head, she smiled and said "you don't have to tell me twice."

Smiling now, I let her go and said "I just did."

Confused for a bit, understanding and laughter filled her eyes when she got my meaning. Nodidng my head, I turned and started to run in the direction of the town. I hope I'm not too late I thought, and increased my pace.


Diana watched Blackwolf run off, amazed at her ability to run so easily after having just fought four men almost single-handedly. Coming to a decision, she turned and also ran, but not in the direction of her hiding place. It was time to take action, she decided. It was time to show the people of the town who she really was.


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Oh...Aphrodite: Part One
Post by lmv on Apr 25, 2006, 8:39pm

After a long days ride, now late into the night Sita stopped, sensing something not human around she slid off her horse and said to Usha "Stay on Chilli ok"
Sita stood still and then smiled as she got a whiff of lovely perfume, she looked around and the spoke "Oh Aphrodite...."
"Oh Bum... how do you do that?" Aphrodite said as she appeared in a flash of sparkles.
"Well, you smell divine... for one and two… that attitude could be sensed by anyone" Sita smiled
" have you been Dite? And more to the point what do you want?"
"I've been good...and I want nothing...just hanging out here"

"Uh huh doesn't a god of your-- obvious stature have anything
better to do than hang out here in the middle of the night?" Sita said her voice laden with sarcasm
"Oweeee! What's with the attitude?!" Aphrodite retorted in defence
"Nothing, its just you want something and I know it"
"Ok, ok honey keep your leathers out of the knot there getting into, now there is an army,"
"Mmmmmm?" Sita said
"And there planning to march on my Temple in Coaticia, Now generally I would get a little mad and then fix my temple up"
*Cough, Cough* Sita coughed
"I mean get other people to fix it up, now stop that and listen.... there is a reason why their marching on my temple, they have found out about the huge hole or vortex or what ever it is, that you can step into and step out of and it gives you incredible powers...super human strength and on top of that 9 out of 10 people that go in come out immortal as well which is not good, now I cant stop them all by my self unfortunately and I cant tell Ares because if he knew about that damn hole his army's would be in there is two seconds flat and he would have a field day....and"
Sita interrupted....... "The world would plunge into Darkness...Yadya yadya yada"
"HEY!" Aphrodite protested
"Sorry" Sita said "just it sounds like the same old same old, but I will help you since it is that serious"
"Thankyou" Aphrodite said, she then looked up at the blondish girl on Sita's horse.
"Who's the blonde?"
"That would be Usha my travelling companion"
"And I am not blonde" Usha protested
"Sorry Hun, must be me going blind in my old age"
"Old age?" Usha said "Ha right, you don’t look a day over twenty one"
Aphrodite smiled "thankyou"
Usha smiled back,
"By the way hun, nice outfit... I approve"
"Thankyou as well" Usha said
"Ok you two, sorry to break up your lovely getting to know each other session but we have a temple to save and an army to destroy"
"Oh yeah" Aphrodite said
"So how long will it take us to get there?" Usha said
"No time at all, I'm taking you two and the horse"

Sita smiled and took Aphrodite's hand, Aphrodite then leaned against Chilli and took Usha's hand, she giggled and they all disappeared in rain of sparkles, appearing moments later in her temple in Coaticia, Chilli Whinnied.
Aphrodite looked at Sita “I know you love that horse, I love her too but..."
"Go on outside Chilli" Sita said before Aphrodite could finish her sentence.
"I don’t know about you two" Usha said.... "But I need sleep"
"Oh ok" Aphrodite said "there is a nice room in the back down the corridor second to the left"
"Thankyou, goodnight" Usha said as she walked down the corridor

After Usha had left, Sita looked at Aphrodite, "It's been a while"
"Yes it has" Aphrodite said
"I missed you a fair bit Sita"
"I missed you too, you meant a lot to me after you rescued me from the battlefield"
"Even though you didn’t trust me?" Aphrodite said a sexy smile playing across her face
Sita grinned at her, "Oh that smile, I remember that smile all too well, and I know what it means and I am going to say right now behave your self, I am pregnant and not in the mood for your shenanigans"
"What shenanigans?" Aphrodite said the smile getting broader on her face
"You know the ones I'm talking about"
"Oh these ones" Aphrodite said as she kissed Sita
"Yes those ones" Sita's head went all fuzzy for a moment, she then came to and knew the Goddess was working her magic on her.
"Stop it Dite, it is not a good idea, you have pleanty of men that would quite happily amuse you in anyway, but i can't"
Aphrodite smiled, "Ok" she kissed Sita on the cheek and smiled again "Goodnight My little warrior, and thankyou for helping me out Honey, it was really good of you to help me out, and you know i'll never forget about the past, it meat alot to me
"I know and you know I am always happy to help you out" Sita said as she walked down the Corridor towards the room she was sleeping in.

Sita went into the room and got undressed and climbed into the hot spring that was in their room "mmmm" She muttered and began to relax, little did she know that Usha was watching her, Sita began to think of the day and the past, *I have missed Aphrodite so much in the past few years* Sita thought * she is not as dumb as people seem to think she is....she is more vain than anything else, she has the most glorious heart even though she messes up situations her heart is generally in the right place....Hmmm the water is so nice, its been a while since I have been in a hot spring...Oh damn I have got to start planning for the army's attack tommorow, Hmph! I wonder where that soap got too?* Sita felt a hand on her back and turned to see Aphrodite standing there in her pink outfit with a soap in her right hand.... "Looking for this?" she whispered
Aphrodite sat behind Sita on a soft cushion at the edge of the hotspring... "May I?"
Sita looked at Aphrodite, "Since when do you get your hands dirty?" she said with a cheeky grin on her face.
"Shudyup" Aphrodite giggled as she began to wash Sita's back...Noticing the scars and markings that she hadnt seen before, God she though who could have done this to her, and why? I know she has not been good but she definetly did not deserve this type of injury...* then Aphrodites mind wandered and she thought of other horrible things that could of happened to her....she then stopped and finally it clicked to why Sita was pregnant* "Oh god" Aphrodite said out loud
"What?" Sita said a worried look came across her face
"Oh nothing, just got lost in thought"
"Ok, well" Sita said as she got up... "I must go to bed now, it's late, I will see you in the morning"
"Good night" Aphrodite said as she dissapeared once again.
Sita sighed to herself and got into her sleeping shift and crawled in to bed next to Usha, Even though there was two beds, she felt safer and more comfortable sleeping next to the older woman" who was now actually asleep.


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Oh...Aphrodite: Part Two
Post by lmv on Apr 26, 2006, 6:34pm

Sita awoke early the next morning to the smell of breakfast cooking, she smiled when she realized that Usha was still in deep sleep, she decided not to wake the woman until breakfast was ready instead she got up slid a robe on and walked down the corridor towards the smell of food, She smiled when she saw Aphrodite cooking up a storm in no more that her Lingerie.
“Wow, you cooking?”
“Yes me cooking Hun” Aphrodite responded in a mock tone
“I thought you didn’t care about us mortals” Sita said with a smile
“Well I don’t but I…Shut up Sita”
“He he your cute when your angry Dite”
Aphrodite blushed and smiled, “And you still have a way with words I see”
“And you still react to them……” Sita said with a loving tone
“Yes I do…in a way for a mortal honey, you’re pretty good”

“I am due soon; this fight could bring on the birth of this child”
“Whattya getting at babe?”
“Well I’m going to need some help…. I know I don’t generally ask, but it would be appreciated if you would help with the delivery”
“Of course, I will honey…awww, you know you didn’t have to ask” Aphrodite said softy while still leaning over the pot of food; she then stood up straight and smiled at Sita.
“You are still as beautiful as the day I found you” she then said
“Thank you, and you are still as beautiful as the day I met you”
Aphrodite’s and Sita’s eyes met, they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity neither of them realizing that Usha was now awake and watching them from the corridor
“Hmmm oh well no use getting teary eyed over a mortal now” Aphrodite said and then giggled as she walked up to Sita and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.
“Dite.. I told you”
“Yeah Yeah Princess I got it” Aphrodite said as she walked out into a small room to the left.
Usha stood in the hallway, hmm she thought * what the hell is going on, and why didn’t Sita thump that silly goddess of love when she kissed her? Wow where did that thought come from? And why do I feel jealous, I mean she is just a friend, I barley know Sita, I mean yeah I know her…what she looks like, her long brown hair, her intense blue eyes…the way she brushes her hair…..mmmm, S*it Now where the hell did that thought come from? Could it be that I like Sita more than a friend? Nah….but what if I did? No I’m to old for her and I….oh my I’m confused”
Usha then decided to make herself known the room, “Morning” she said in an overly cheerful voice.
“Oh hi sleepy head” Aphrodite yelled out from the room she was in,

“Morning little one, I hope you slept well” Sita said in a slow soft tone to Usha
“yes I did thank you for asking” Usha responded and then gave the warrior a bear hug, which was quite strong considering Usha wasn’t the obviously strong type.
“Mmmm what smells so good?” Usha inquired
“That would be Aphrodite’s cooking” Sita replied a soft smile etching its way across her lips…
“Well it smells divine” Usha said
“Why thank you, now if you’d excuse me I have to go look through some of the stuff I got today…..before we start planning because Planning things just gives me a huge headache”
“Uhh ok so what are we going to do” Usha asked
“Well breakfast won’t be ready for about a quarter of a candle mark so come with we could have some fun” Aphrodite said

They got to the big room near the entrance of the temple, Aphrodite’s statues and such were displayed, it was beautiful Usha hadn’t noticed how well it was set up…she then got distracted by Aphrodite’s ranting as she was going through her gifts.
“Ooh! Whoo! Uh-huh, uh-huh. *Sighs* Let’s
see what I got today. Need it. Got it. Hate it. *Sighs* Can
always hock it. Grody! Uh! Tsk. Why do these mortal types
always give me fish?! I hate fish!”

“Maybe you should tell them that Dite” Sita said as she slapped Dite with on of the fish from the pile.
“Aiii! yuck, Hun don’t do that or I’ll….”
“Cast a love spell on me?.... right” Sita said her smile getting wider
Aphrodite smiled and looked down at her stomach, “Breakfast time”
Sita and Usha just looked at her dumbfounded
“What was that goddesses don’t go *ring*?” Usha exclaimed
Aphrodite just smiled “I do” hehe “Swallowed the egg timer…whoops”
Sita just shook her head “Come on you two lets go eat”

“Mmmm this is so good” Sita said through a mouth full of food
Aphrodite who had now finished her food was sitting on a red couch eating grapes and staring at the ceiling.
“Hey Dite what are you thinking about?”
“Oh nothing, just how we are going to sort out this little problem”
“Hmmm well it’s not so little, we have to seal that hole and fend off an army, and I’m not exactly at my peak condition here” Sita said.
“So when is the army going to attack?” Usha inquired
“Two days from now at sunset” Aphrodite responded with a sigh

“So we haven’t got much time to plan then…hmm well my suggestion Is that we all rest up today for a couple of candle marks and then we can talk this evening about how we will deal with this sound good?”
“Yes” Usha said between mouthfuls of food


Post by joxcenia on May 1, 2006, 7:25pm

The wind pounded against the walls of the huge sick ward, whistling through the cracks its sorrowful excuse for a Siren’s call. Patients and caregivers huddled together in one corner of the room praying that the gods will take pity on them and spare the hospice from damage.

Trenna, however, chose to race her horse against the winds. She couldn’t remember the horse or its name, but the markings on its adornments matched those of her own; leaving no doubt the horse was hers.

“Woo Hoo!” Trenna’s voice vanished into the roar of the screaming winds.

Lightning struck a tree, sending slivers of wood into the air with the pouring rain. Trenna rode on, ignoring the danger of Zeus’ wrath. If a bolt struck her, would she not have deserved it? And if she did deserve it, would Zeus not wait until she remembered why?


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The challange begins Part One
Post by lmv on May 2, 2006, 2:58am

Aphrodite walked down the hallway and went into Sita’s room, “So have you figured out what we are going to do yet?”
Aphrodite moved behind Sita and rested her hands on the younger woman’s shoulders,
“I missed you so much Sita, you meant a lot to me, I….”
Sita trembled and then blacked out…she began to have another flashback

Another arrow sped towards the warrior only to be caught in midair at a comfortable distance from her heart. The two talented archers had fired off over thirty arrows each in her direction as fast as taking deadly aim would allow. At first they had aimed the arrows to fly past her. But with Sita's permission, they had switched to actually aiming at her. Not one had come within a hope of hitting her.
Aphrodite, Christoph and a small gathering of warriors had been watching the display with various reactions. To most, it was an astonishing feat. But to Aphrodite who knew the warrior so well, it was merely another simple exercise for Sita.
Finally the archers turned to Aphrodite and sighed. "We give up, She's impossible to hit. How does she do that?"

Aphrodite laughed at their frustrations. "I tried to warn you honeys."
Christoph then smiled at the archers. "Don't worry, you both are brilliant archers. It's not something that can be taught though. Sita's just got extraordinary senses and incredible reflexes”

"And that ain't all she's got." added Aphrodite smiling lecherously at the approaching warrior.

"I heard that, Dite." Sita was smiling as she handed two bundles of undamaged arrows back to the archers. The two were now happy that the warrior had secured their bet with only a promise that they serve her lunch if they failed to even scratch her.

As they ate lunch Aphrodite sat proud in her thrown with Sita at her side, who was scoffing down her food like there was no tomorrow.
After they finished lunch Sita escorted Aphrodite back to her room, but this time something felt different she thought just as Aphrodite turned to her, “Oh Sita you are so beautiful, I’m glad I saved you from the battlefield and I’m glad your healing so well”

“Is there something you want Aphrodite like a payment of some sort, you know I don’t have money at the moment, I told you that when…”
Aphrodite interrupted “No I don’t want payment”
“Then what do you want?”
“Only one thing and only if you want to give it to me” Aphrodite said in a whisper
“What then?” Sita said in a slightly anxious tone
“You” Aphrodite said with a smile
“You want me, why?...the goddess of love wants me?”
“Yes” Aphrodite nodded
“But, I’m just a mortal” Sita said knowing that she was already the Goddesses she had been for some time now, she had been very attracted to this blonde haired beauty who wasn’t as stupid as everyone seemed to think.
“Yes you are…my mortal” Aphrodite replied
“How did you know?”
“I see the way you look at me” Aphrodite said with a smile
“Everyone looks at you like that, you are the goddess of love remember?” Sita said
“No there is a difference between the way you look at me and the way others do, you look at me with love and respect, other’s look at me with lust and obsession”
Sita blushed, Aphrodite took Sita’s chin in her hand, tilted her face up to face her own and planted a soft kiss on the young warrior’s lips.
“You are beautiful Sita”
“So are you, Goddess…But you know I can’t stay forever I must get back to my army soon”
“Just stay with me a bit longer, I you do I will make sure your army will be at its best, and I will give you my archers”
“But you are just the Goddess of love”
“Among many other things, plus my brother owes me a favor” Aphrodite smiled
“Ok my Goddess” Sita smiled broadly and followed Aphrodite into her chambers

Just then Sita came back to reality….
“You alright, you were out for like a whole minute” Aphrodite exclaimed
“Yes I’m ok, just a bit woozy that’s all, I think I’m going to have a lye down and tell you my plans”
“Ok,” Aphrodite smiled ‘Let me help you”
“No it’s alright” Sita replied
“No it is my pleasure” Aphrodite said as she picked up Sita and carried her over and laid her on the bed.
“Wow, I forgot you were so strong” Sita said as she looked up at Aphrodite
“Well I have too look after my woman, I mean….my friend”
Sita looked at Aphrodite, “It’s ok”
“So what’s the plan?” Aphrodite whispered as she nipped at the warrior's earlobe.
“Damn Aphrodite, stop it” Sita growled her resistance beginning to wear through a bit, Sita then smiled and spoke, “Well, tomorrow at sunset is when they will trample your lovely temple and try and find the vortex, now what I plan to do is use your lovely love spell on the commander of this army….”
“And whats that going to do Sita, we still have the rest of the army to deal with and I don’t have time to woo everyone, and even if I did, love can turn vicious”
Aphrodite interrupted.
“Hold your horses, Dite, now I want you to make the commander to fall in love with himself tonight, so he will be obsessed with looking at himself, so when i fight him he will get distracted by looking at his reflection in my shield, i will dispach of him infront of everyone in his army....."


The challange begins Part Two
Post by lmv on May 5, 2006, 1:01am

Later that night Aphrodite worked he magic on the commander and went back to speak to Sita,
“So what do we do now?”
“Now I play Russian roulette”
“What do you mean? Sita these are some of the most ruthless men in the world” Aphrodite said “what are you going to do?”
“Well, I need to know whether the effects of that vortex can be reversed” Sita said,
“Well yes, but since it is pure evil and makes you as evil as the devil herself, there is only one way to reverse it” Aphrodite said
“And what way is that” Sita replied
“To show love when you are in that state to an innocent, someone who has never killed and never been with anyone” Aphrodite said in a honest tone “And your all out of luck with me, I’m lacking in the second department, and only the person with both those qualities can bring you back, it needs to be someone who you care enough about to effect you, someone who you can give up your power for, now what are you planning”
“I’m planning to take advantage of the commander being a little out of action , I’m planning to destroy the army with my strength before they get anywhere near the vortex” Sita said with a sadistic look on here face,
“Sita that is not a good idea with the state your in, you cant do it”
“Yes I can, and I have too, I would prefer to risk it rather than let men with evil hearts and the devils strength into the world and near my child” Sita said in a clear tone
“But what happens if you give into your evil side, I mean you don’t have anyone to bring you back anyway” Aphrodite said with worry clearly evident in her voice
“It’s ok and yes I do have someone to bring me back” Sita said with a slight smile
“What?” Aphrodite exclaimed “How do you know the little blonde is a virgin?”
“I just know” Sita gave a brief smile “Now where is this vortex?”
“Where… Aphrodite?”
“Under my gold statue in your bedroom” Aphrodite said reluctantly
“Thank you”
“Sita….just one more thing, if you don’t change back before the sunrise after that sunset you never will” Aphrodite said softly
“Thank you Aphrodite” Sita said as she embraced the goddess
Aphrodite then touched her hand to Sita’s stomach “She is nearly ready to come out into the world Sita”
“A girl?” Sita said “How do you know?”
“I am the goddess of love, I ust know these things”
“A girl…” Usha said as she walked up behind Sita
“Yes” Sita smiled “And I want you to name her”
“Say what?” Usha stuttered
“Ýou heard” Sita smiled
“Are you sure?”
“Yes…” Sita smiled again
“Ok I will when she is born, so whats the story with tomorrow?”
“I’m planning to use the commander being a little out of action to my advantage I’m planning to destroy the army with my strength before they get anywhere near the vortex”
“You’re going to do what? Sita you cant become evil, what happens if you cant be turned back… assuming there is even a way of course” Usha said
“Don’t you worry there is a way…” Sita began
“And she thinks you can bring her back” Aphrodite interrupted
“What, how?” Usha exclaimed
“With love” Aphrodite announced
“How?” Usha questioned
Well to show love when she is in that state to an innocent, someone who has never killed and never been with anyone” Aphrodite said “And only the person with both those qualities can bring her back, it needs to be someone who she cares enough about to effect her, someone who has the power over her heart to stop her by appealing to it.” she finished
“Well who would that be Usha looked puzzled”
“You” Aphrodite responded with a smile
“Me? How? Why?” Usha said stunned
“I don’t know, but she has faith in you so it could work”
“Look you two….” Sita interrupted “It will work ok now lets get some rest and tomorrow morning it will begin”


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Post by gstick on May 11, 2006, 10:49pm

Frieda Rose coughed, but continued moving the lovingly woven clothes and fabrics from the heat toward the window, and freedom the cool night air offered. But she was slowing down, and soon, could not continue. Smoke was weaving death for Frieda.

She was on her knees now, with a wild look on her face. She knew the end was coming; she was ready-it would be a relief. The possessed look softened, and then her hand went to the floor's hot wood. She reclined as if going to slumber. Her wools swirled and clung now, in a new form-Frieda could smell them and contentedly smiled.

Her childhood had been brief, but happy, however, after her freedom had been taken she had little to make life worth living-except for her yarns and garden and, maybe a cup of tea in the evening, there was nothing else but pain. These memories and feelings registered across her face as she let her cheek rest heavily on the hot planks. She could clearly hear the crackling and popping embers.

Nothing else. Betrayed and used by all her "suitors"-an object. She had no friends. She didn't mind; she was not worth it-blind oddity that she was. They were all correct, she was evil. A bitter, twisted smile appeared followed by a furrowing of the scar on her brow. She wondered when she had last smiled-it felt odd. Her fingers flexed just as the light started to fade from her eyes. It didn't matter....

Smoke slowed now as it entered in a dingy rainbow into her mouth and out again. The light faded some more. Soot around the mouth quavered one last time and then the yarns of smoke stopped moving around Frieda Rose as she became an island in a silent sea.

Freedom had finally come to Frieda-complete peace, painless existence, perfection.


After the battle
Post by blackwolf on May 12, 2006, 7:19pm

The smoke of the recent attack still hung in the air as the sun crept it's way over the horizon. Blood and soot clung to my body like a second skin as I walked through the town. Very little damage had been done this time, though one house had been completely lost. I watched as bodies were loaded into carts. A small smile lifted the corners of my mouth slightly at the thought that, for once, the bodies were not those of the villagers. And I wasn't the only one happy. Though I wouldn't call it exactly joyous, there was already a change in the people. There was a little more bounce to their step as they went about their daily chores, or even more of a willingness to smile. After the events of last night, a little thread of hope was creeping back into their lives.

I crossed to a water bucket and scooped water to try and clean some of the soot and blood off of me. I was thinking about my planned schedule for the day when a commotion by the dead bodies caught my attention. I looked up and saw Lanudi scratching his head as he looked at the two newest occupants of the carts, some of his men standing nearby shrugging their shoulders. He saw me looking his way and waved me over.

"What's up?" I asked as I approached.

"It's these arrows here. They didn't come from any of my men."

I looked at the two dead men a little closer. One had an arrow through the middle of his back, and the other had one in his chest and another through his leg. As my gaze reached their faces, my mind flashed back to the fight last night, and I realized where I recognized them from.

"These were the men that were bringing up the rear of the group as they came into town last night. I was able to knock them off of their horses and then stole one to catch up with the rest of the bandits. They were still alive when they hit the ground. Truthfully, I had forgotten about them with everything else that happened."

"Well, it seems someone didn't forget about them. We found another similar arrow in the side of one of the houses on the edge of town. The body of another marauder was nearby, but he died by your sword if I remember correctly."

I nodded my head, trying to remember exactly what had happened. "Most of last night is a little hazy, but I do remember which one you're talking about. I was chasing the guy around the side of the house when I heard a thunk. The bandit stopped suddenly, allowing me to catch up and kill him. I hadn't actually thought about it until now."

"Was everyone accounted for?" I asked after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah, and like I said, I don't recognize the design."

"What about people outside of the town?"

"Nah. There are people that are up at the temple, but none of them would do anything like this. There is a woman that lives in the forest by herself, but she wouldn't do this either. She tries to stay out of the town as much as possible."

"Any particular reason why?"

"Well, people around here kind of view her as a witch, so she's not really welcome."

"A witch? Why's that?" I asked, totally perplexed.

"Well, people have seen her making potions in that pot of hers from local herbs and stuff. She claims it's soup, but some of the people that have eaten it have claimed to feel funny afterwards. A few people who were sick got better after eating her soup when nothing else had worked. Also, she lives all alone up there, but yet she's never bothered by the bandits. She claims to have been attacked on several occasions, but we never see her injured or anything. Plus, there's talk that she talks to the animals."

I continued to nod my head through his explanation, trying to decide whether to laugh outright at his idiocy or smack him for being such an idiot. However, people's beliefs were important, and it wasn't my position to belittle those beliefs or call someone stupid, at least not right now. Maybe later.

Lanudi and I talked a bit more, coming up with a better defense strategy for the town. By the time the bodies were rolling out of the village to the cemetery, the sun was already high in the sky. Not realizing how late it was, I gave Lanudi the excuse that I was going to check the woods for any stragglers and started to head off.

"Hey Blackwolf," Lanudi called out.

"Yeah?" I said, turning back slightly.

Lanudi stood there, one hand scratching his head, the other resting on his hip, fiddling with the pommel of his sword. "Ummm....a few of us are getting together tonight, and I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner at my place tonight, with us, that is?" He asked, a slight blush crawling up his neck to his face.

Not quite knowing what to say, I stood there dumbfounded myself. Finally I said "sure, that sounds great." I then quickly hurried away, somewhat confused by what had just transpired. I pushed it to the back of my mind though as I entered the forest. A quick listen told me everything was as it should be, and I turned in the direction of the pond. There was a guy I needed to question, and a woman that I needed to talk to.


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Look Out Billow!
Post by phalon on Jun 11, 2006, 11:59pm

“Frie….mmfph.” For the third time, Phalon’s calls to the woman in the burning building were cut short by the billows streaming from the windows. It was not billows of smoke that choked out her calls, but billows of material. Frieda was trying to save her weavings, and each armload she heaved from the window landed on Phalon in the street below. Untangling herself from the fabrics, Phalon quickly slung them over the back of Gelasuis’ horse, as she continued to yell for Frieda. “Frieda, please, come to the win…urmph…dow.”

While Phalon was failing in her attempts at getting Frieda’s attention, Gelasuis went to work on the heavy wooden door with the axe. He hadn’t needed the axe for any other purpose; Phalon was glad for that. And her own weapon remained in its sheath. They were met with little resistance; only half-hearted jeers from a few stragglers greeted the would-be rescuers. The rest of the crowd had moved on to the building adjacent to Frieda’s. The fire had spread, and those who had started it formed a chain from the burning structure to the town well, passing buckets in an attempt to douse the flames.

Phalon growled. “Ignorant idiots”, she hissed. Her frustration with them, their suspicions…with hers and Gelasuis’ delayed entry into the house, barred by the bolted door, and her unsuccessful efforts to get Frieda to come to the window were beginning to wear on her.

Another piece of fabric was thrown from the window and brought Phalon’s attention upward once again. Its color was blue-green - the color of the sea - and she recognized it as the material she chosen in the market place with Frieda; the material for her new robe.

Its motion downward seemed slowed, coming at her in rolling waves, washing over her; enveloping her. She was drowning in the sea of material. Gasping for breath and feeling as if she were choking, she struggled to free herself from it, but only succeeded in tangling herself further. And then…

Freedom…..complete peace, painless existence, perfection

The sudden calm she felt came out of nowhere. There was no reason for her to feel this way; these emotions were not her own. It was the serenity, she knew, of those who’ve accepted death. Her abilities as a seeress had allowed her to feel it many times as she touched the dead or dying on battlefields, trying to save those who could not be saved.

“Gelasuis, hurry! ”, she desperately called to her brother, the urgency in her voice more apparent than before.

“Freeidaa!!! No more of the weaver’s cloths came down towards Phalon; only thick, gray smoke billowed from the window now.


It was a dark and stormy night...(part 1)
Post by sumire on Jun 21, 2006, 2:31am

Little Gabby was concerned about getting the group to the hospice, but she felt that riding hard would put more of a burden on Zena. The young amazon would spur them on to gallop for only brief sessions at a time giving Zena time to rest frequently. It went well for the first hour until the sky began to blacken suddenly. She maintained their present pace but began to worry of the sudden turning of the weather. She hoped the hospice would show itself soon.

In the rush of flight Sumire barely noticed the coolness of the air as the clouds darkened their path. When the rain began fall she became acutely aware of the the cold. She held on to Zena tighter as much for herself as for Zena.

Little Gabby pressed the small party on, still trying to find areas to pause between galloped stretches to check on Zena. While Zena would flash a smile and managed to crack a few sly comments during these respites, Gabby could see the beads of sweat on Zena's forehead. Though Zena held herself up in the saddle well enough, Sumire's proximity allowed her to feel when the amazon would fight against a spell of shivers. She would not tell Gabby that she could feel her mother growing weaker by the mile, she simply suggested they hurry to get out of the rain. She met resistance in Gabby's glare but received an unexpected second by a thunderclap that crashed overhead. Grudgingly Gabby started them again and spurred the horses to a headlong gallop.

The storm welcomed their flight with a deafening barrage of wind, rain and thunder.

“WHOO HOO!” Sumire lifted her head when she heard the wind call in an eerily human voice.

Sumire could not trust what she saw but it seemed like Gabby's horse ahead veered aside just in time to avoid another horse that charged toward them on the path. Zena tensed and moved under Sumire's arms, and was twisting at the same time she was trying to pull at the reins. Sumire read her intent, shifted and putting her own hands over Zena's, gave her own strength in turning their own horse from the path of the oncoming horse. The unknown horse and rider blasted past Bartok and his mount causing the horse to rear and toss their prisoner. Zena and Sumire had moved aside enough that the rider passed them without incident.

It was a demon that must have rode out of the sky on that storm, Sumire was sure of it. The was a wild wanton grin upon that face that chilled her beyond the frigid rain pelting down. The horse was surely of the same bloodline as that of her recently dismissed demon horse. Unable to look away Sumire tracked the Storm Rider as she passed. The storm-demon horse did not slow it's pace but Sumire saw the Rider turn to watch them over her shoulder as she disappeared into the curtain of rain.

“Mom? Are you okay?” Gabby had ridden back to check on Zena.

“Whoo! I think Sumire just found her match in a riding partner. What doya think, Gabby?” grinned Zena as she tried to give a weak but playful elbow to Sumire behind her but Sumire was already sliding off the horse to go get their prisoner back on his mount.

Gabby had ignored Zena's remark and scanned the area the rider had disappeared and nodded in satisfaction before regarding Zena again. “I'm thinking that rider came from the hospice so I don't think it's very far at all but I don't know about this storm, so we're gonna ride harder now okay, mom? We're gonna get you there quick.” Gabby's brow were furrowed a little as she looked at Zena.

Zena opened her mouth but then felt the comment Or is it that you don't know about me? die on her lips as she looked at Gabby's expression. She was moved by the seeing her daughter being strong for the both of them. She wanted to sit straighter in the saddle, belt out a shout that challenged Zeus' very own thunderbolts and lead them headlong into the storm to show Gabby she had no reason to worry but all she could do was sigh in frustration.

After having secured Bartok on his mount, Sumire quietly climbed back on behind Zena. She would've rather left mother and daughter to their private moment but there was no time to be polite. Zena seemed even paler than before.

With Sumire on board Zena mustered a smile and lifted her head.

“Well, then. Lead us in, young amazon.”

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"....And into the Fire."
Post by phalon on Jun 26, 2006, 1:56am


The unyielding wood finally gave way to unrelenting steel. A few more swings of Gelasuis’ axe, and the door splintered enough for him to reach through and unbolt it from the inside.

Phalon started to rush headlong into the fire, but at the doorway, Gelasuis caught her by the waist, and stopped her. “Let go of me. We’ve got to get in there and get her out!”, she demanded, squirming out of his grasp.

He stepped in front of her, and held her by the shoulders. “I’ll go, Phalon. It’s too dangerous.” The flash he saw in her eyes told him danger was no stranger to her, and he quickly continued, “I’ve no doubt of your strength – even as kids, you could beat the tar out of me. But don’t debate me on this – I can get in and out quicker by myself, without having to worry about your safety, as well as finding Frieda. Just stay put.”

“Hmph”, she crossed her arms indignantly in front of her, but backed down. This was not the time for a sibling’s argument about who was the stronger. Her expression softened. “Please hurry”, she said, squeezing his hand. Confident she would not follow, he turned and entered the burning house. “And be safe!” she yelled after him.

“Always!” came the response out of the smoke and flames. She smiled at her brother’s reply; it was the same she always gave to their mother, to the same demand. She was going to miss her family terribly when this was over.

She paced in front of the door, waiting, and with each turn, blue-green swirled about her feet. She realized she was still covered in the material meant for her robe. It felt oddly comforting, and she pulled it tighter about her. A replacement for the robe she no longer had; Frieda was going to furnish her a new one out of this fabric - for what’s a mystic without a long, flowing robe to look the part? The color was a greener blue than her original robe; a more suitable color for her than the royal blue she thought; it reminded her of the sea she loved. The old robe she’d lost after she laid it across Bhen Rudha when Phalon thought she was dead.

But Red hadn’t died. She wondered anxiously if the same was true of Frieda? A sense of dread lay heavy on her heart as she remembered feeling the serenity of the dead she’d caught when the fabric, wafting down from the window, had enveloped her: Frieda’s emotion.

Removing the fabric from her shoulders, she folded it neatly and laid it over the horse with Frieda’s other weavings; it was just something to do while she waited. Her hands smoothed out imaginary wrinkles, and she sighed heavily. “Frieda, why didn’t you listen when I’d warned you of the fire I saw in a vision?” Then chastising herself, “Why couldn’t I make you see?”

Inappropriately, the thought struck her as being slightly ironically amusing: A seeress trying to make a blind woman see things which only appeared in her own head. The thought was absurd, and before her mind took it further, was interrupted by raspy coughing behind her.

She spun at the sound. They stood at the doorway, Gelasuis with Frieda in his arms, amid the whirling confusion of flames and smoke. Phalon gasped. In this confusion, it appeared to her for a moment that Frieda was on fire; hues of red, orange and gold seemed to emanate from her. Gelasuis staggered away from the building, and Phalon could see them more clearly now. She breathed a sigh of relief in realizing that it was the weaver’s flaming red hair, and golden-colored shawl that had made her think the woman was on fire.

Running from the horse, she met them as her brother laid Frieda gently on the ground. His face was sooty, his eyes watered from smoke – or was it tears of emotion that mingled with the soot, causing rivulets of gray to streak his cheeks? His wet eyes looked into hers as his voice cracked, “Phalon, we were too late. She’s….”

She remembered a bard’s tale heard in passing; a well-practiced story of a dark warrior princess and her companion, whispered in hushed tones that paused for effect in just the right places as the bard held his audience’s rapt attention. The companion, her hair the color of honeyed wheat, the traveling storyteller had explained, had met an untimely death. Distraught, the warrior raised her fist and struck the chest of her dead friend in unbearable anguish. A dramatic pause came in the retelling of the sob-story, before the even more dramatic ending: The dead awoke, gasping, the blow forcing her heart to beat once more; again they beat together, the faired-haired one and the heart of the warrior.

Was it a true story? Phalon didn’t know. Could such a thing happen – could the dead be revived in this way? She looked down at Frieda. It had to work.

Phalon raised her hand clenched into a fist, and brought it down hard on Frieda’s chest. The fist struck home. The hand of the seeress, who saw into the hearts of others with just a touch, made contact. Frieda’s life passed before Phalon’s eyes…

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Post by sumire on Jul 6, 2006, 5:33pm

Finding Shelter

Rain and thunder blurred time so that Sumire was startled from her frigid daze by the sight of the horse in front veering sharply off the road and Little Gabby dismounting into a full sprint while her horse was still running. The young Amazon was calling out to anyone within the dark and silent building before she had even reached the door. Zena, barely conscious, began to pull weakly at the reins, and Sumire acted as she had before, using Zena's hands as a guide to carefully signal the horse until Ergo stopped. Their prisoner's horse, following the lead of the others stopped as well. Muffled voices came from within and a couple of the windows began to flicker with lamp light in answer to Gabby's pounding.
Just as she began to wonder just how she would get Zena safely from Ergo’s back, Sumire bit back a yelp when the horse began to gradually collapse beneath them. It only took a moment to realize that her task was made easier now that the horse was kneeling. She slid off and then helped Zena who seemed terribly weak. While the Amazon leaned up against Sumire, Ergo turned her head, and nuzzled them both. Sumire shivered inwardly and leaned away from the attention, but managed to stay by Zena's side, supporting her.
In turn the Amazon reached out a hand to tiredly pet the muzzle of the horse with a smile. "Yes, Ergo, yes. Extra apples later. I promise." She wavered on her legs but Sumire kept her from falling.
"Zena-sama, please be still. We are at the- the- " unable to conjure the word that she had heard them use she began again, "We are here, Zena-sama!" Sliding her eyes toward the Jappa woman, Zena patted her arm.
"Don't worry. You get apples too."
Uncertain of how to respond, Sumire simply nodded. "Hai. Yes. It would be an honor to accept apples from Zena-sama. But first will Zena-sama..." she pulled the injured woman’s good arm over her shoulder "...walk with me..?" Clutching Zena tightly at the waist, she began to half carry, half drag Zena toward the growing clamor of voices.
In spite of her effort the Amazon sagged in her guardian's grasp. "Tell Gabby not to worry. She did good. Lots of apples." Zena closed her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed briefly before a strange smile crossed her lips. Through a softly whispered a breath of laughter she said "Heh...apples.." Sumire's arms were burdened with final weight of Zena surrendering the last of her strength in keeping conscious.
"Zena-sama! Shikari shite!" Hold on! Sumire knew the woman had slipped beyond the reach of her voice. In trying to catch Zena and keep her from the sodden ground, she sank to her knees.
New waves of frustration swept over her Sumire. Apples? -What idiocy! Either idiocy or the madness that comes with fever or death. She chided herself for expecting something more from this woman of legend. How was it possible that someone like Sumire could so easily wound the Western Demon that destroyed Higuchi? How was it possible that she had come all the way from Jappa to simply destroy that which she swore to return with? Impossible. It will not end so simply. Whatever power or strength she was looking for, this wasn't the time for it to manifest. Zena would live because she had to answer to this humble servant that stood for the lives lost in Jappa.
With new determination, she struggled to gain her feet with Zena in her arms, finding success just when she was met first by Gabby and then others who belted out orders or demanded answers.
"Mom!" the horror in the young amazon's voice was so raw that it stung past the shouting of the others.
"She is willful yet, your mother." Sumire offered an encouraging smile to Little Gabby. The girl's expression hardened as she wedged herself between Sumire and her mother, effectively pushing the guardian aside while she and another woman took hold of Zena and carried her into the hospice.
The chaos that came and took Zena from her soon vanished into the building. There was only one woman who was asking after Sumire, speaking much too frantically for her to understand. Sumire simply shook her head and broadly swept her arm in the direction of her other charge. Bartok sat bound and hunched over in the in the saddle.
"This man is a criminal awaiting trail. We will need a place for him that is secure. Is there a place here?"
"H-How dangerous?" quivered the woman as she looked over the shadow that still sat upon horseback.
"A pathetic demon-haunted man, troubled by insanity, driven to murderer, rape, and the killing children." Sumire sighed and a dismissive gesture accompanied her explanation. "I would have delivered him from this world, yet Zena-sama has declared him worthy of a trial, and so he will have one. Until that time we will need a place for him."
The woman's eyes widened and she looked like a rabbit about to bolt. She shook her head vigorously. "Not here! He certainly can't stay here! Th- This is a place of peace and- and- "
The day's events suddenly weighed upon Sumire and this woman's fear became an intolerable annoyance. She shrugged and began to walk towards the entrance, knowing her next words would force the woman to decisive action. "Very well. Let him stay out here then."
The woman jumped in front of Sumire and attempted to push her back "No! You wouldn't! Is he the one that hurt Mistress Zena?! You can't let a man like that just-!"
"Enough! As guardian of Kageyama, I am honor-bound to protect those I am sworn to. Demon-bent though he is, he is my responsibility." She walked back and grabbed the reins of Bartok's horse "If he is not to stay here then I shall take him far from here. By all means let us keep this sacred place untainted by such troubles that this world is likely to offer. Tell me, is there a place you decree is far enough that you would sleep peacefully knowing you are beyond Evil's reach?"
The woman stared in shock at Sumire's glare. She tried several times to say something, opening and closing her mouth making only unintelligible noises.
In the woman's stunned silence, Sumire had begun to wonder how far she would need to travel with Bartok before she could kill him, dispose of his body and return to the hospice without drawing suspicion as to his whereabouts. Perhaps if she staged his escape and his death as an unfortunate circumstance of her seemed a plausible story.
"Peace, traveler. Gaea welcomes all," the voice was gentle and seemed merely more than a whisper pitched loud enough to be heard over the rain. In those few words the voice commanded respect and Sumire responded in kind. She turned to the older woman who had greeted her and bowed.
"Please pardon the intrusion, Mother. I am Sumire, Guardian of the Royal House of Kageyama of Jappa. Presently it has been my honor to serve Zena-sama and Gabby-sama as a guardian. It is unforgivable to bring unrest and disquiet to a peaceful home, yet, my mistress has been deeply injured. We are at the mercy of your kindness and generosity."
While the woman who had barred Sumire from entering the hospice gaped at both elder and traveler in turn, the matron spoke again. "And I am Sister Calla. Caring for those souls in need of respite and comfort is the calling of the Sisters of Gaea. You are welcome here, Mistress Sumire. Please do not be troubled. Mistress Zena is in the capable hands of our Sister Nitsa right now. Regretably, it is true what Sister Agathi says: this man cannot stay here."
"I understand, Calla-sama. Please direct me."
"I will not have you travel at this time in this weather. You have endured enough, have you not? And, as you are guardian of Mistress Zena and Gabby, I would not dream of sending you far from them. Please, if you will, make use of the stables tonight. I will make sure that you are made as comfortable as possible. In the morning I will send a messenger to the town to have a couple of the magistrate's soldiers sent to retrieve this man. I can't imagine it will take longer than two days."
"If- I should like to see Zena-sama, if I had some bit of assistance...."
"Of course. Once you have this man secured, I'm sure Sister Delia and Sister Thera will be able to watch him briefly while you visit with Mistress Zena."
"I am unworthy of such kindness, Calla-sama."
"I think not," smiled Sister Calla before she turned to call over her shoulder "Trenna! Please come see to these horses!"
"Ah.. Sister Calla, Trenna has not yet returned," murmured Sister Agathi.
"Tch. That child. Well then, here: Agathi, please help Mistress Sumire with their horses and...guest. I'll send some food over to the stables shortly with Sisters Delia and Thera."
Sister Agathi looked slightly taken aback, but didn't dare question Sister Calla. She turned a barely veiled look of misgiving toward Sumire and Bartok.
In answer Sumire offered a placid smile and lowered her head in a deep nod. "We are in your care, Sister. Please be kind to us."

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Post by gstick on Jul 9, 2006, 12:10am

Far away, a faint light beckoned Frieda with feelings of peace, forever. She felt her spirit uplifted as her body lightened and floated. To both sides she could sense familiar places and people. She sensed Castle McFlannel in a mist with little children running and laughing-they were Fia Ercola and herself-her heart lightened. From somewhere to the right she sensed her friend Ewemetimis splashing in the stream and floating twig-rafts. Floating along, Frieda could almost sense joy. The scent of beer and flannel from her childhood home rolled over and through her body like a welcome wave. Grandfather and Grandmother were present now. She felt lighter and lighter; almost as if she were a dissapearing cloud.

Trees she had climbed, food she had enjoyed. Her garden and the aroma of herbs. Honey and many scents visited her now. Then, Hubcles, the one who had bought her and saved her from death made his presence. Her friend Metussa was near. This thought worried Frieda a bit and took some of the light feeling away. What was happening? Was Metussa alright? Perhaps she should check. Something was wrong. A weighted feeling was occuring and, Frieda wanted to fight it.

A crack-sound, and a feeling of pain from coming from her own body tugged her from her departure.


Growling stomachs
Post by blackwolf on Aug 2, 2006, 7:58pm

I came to the edge of the clearing and paused to take in my surroundings. Everything seemed to be as it should, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right. As I walked to the tree where I had tied the bandit, I finally realized what it was. There was the scent of freshly spilled blood, and it was coming from my prisoner. Sure enough, when I reached the tree, I saw that his throat had been slit. I expanded my senses just a little, trying to sense of the murderer was still around, but there was nobody else around. Crouching down to examine the body, I estimated that he had been for only a few candlemarks. Turning to look at the ground, I tried to find any clues in the direction the murderer had went, but there was nothing, not even a scuff mark. My concerns immediately turned to Diana, and immediately stood up and hurried off in the direction of the cabin.

As I approached her home, a soft humming reached my ears, and relief coursed through me. I stopped just outside of her line of sight, to listen and watch. She was unwrapping a wing of a falcon, her humming seeming to have it in a trance-like state. It simply sat in her lap, allowing her to bend and manipulate the limb, making soft cooing sounds of its own on occasion. After a bit, Diana nodded her head slightly, and slowly the humming came to a stop. The bird turned its head, gave her a little nip on the hand as if saying thank you, then spread its wings and flew to a nearby tree.

"Impressive" I said as I finally walked out of the tree line.

She jumped up, obviously surprised to see me. "I...I didn't know you were there. I usually know when someone is around. How long were you there?"

"Long enough to watch as you tended that falcon. That was very impressive."

"I've always had a good rapport with the animals. They've been my only friends all these years after all. They usually warn me when someone is approaching, which is why I'm surprised to see you."

Shrugging my shoulders, I said "Maybe they just like me. I've always had a good rapport with animals as well."

Nodding her head in acceptance, Diana turned to stir something that was in a pot over the fire. The aroma of vegetable and rabbit stew wafted to me, and my stomach at that time decided to remind me that I hadn't eaten in a while. By the time the growling had subsided, Diana was hunched over from laughing so hard, and I could feel my cheeks heat up from embarassment. I wasn't used to someone else laughing at my expense, and wasn't quite sure of how to handle the situation. When Diana had finally composed herself, she said "well, if the animals aren't going to tell me when you're nearby, I guess I'm going to have to rely on your stomach. That'll give me plenty of warning." My face got even more heated, and I crossed my arms and pouted, which I wasn't even aware that I could do. This just sent Diana into another fit of giggles, and it was awhile before she calmed down again.

She finally filled a bowl with some stew and handed it to me. I at first was tempted to refuse it, but as I felt another stomach coming on, I quickly grabbed the bowl and started to eat. Diana also dished herself up some food, and we ate in silence. I'd wait to question her until we were done.


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