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Age: 22
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135
Hair: strawberry blonde, short
Eyes: amber
(think of Emily Deschanel when picturing her, only with amber eyes)
Handedness: left
Clothing: leather halter top and skirt (like this Gabrielle outfit)
Hobbies: tracking
Weapons: sai (worn on her sides)
Skills: expert with sai, tracking, hunting
Powers: can transform into a wolf at will, see the future, raise the dead(?)
Personality: friendly, warrior, protective of friends
Notes: her clothing and weapons are magical, and become part of her body when she transforms into a wolf. she can understand and speak English and Greek, but she normally speaks Greek. (I think I'll do the blue-font thing that Ellie has been doing when she's speaking Greek.)

Annabelle in wolf form:

had to put the actual wolf image on here, because the old one I had up got taken down. glad I had saved it.


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