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Character Description of


Age “32”
Height 5' 7”
Hair; Red. Long and Wavy (Down to her waist)
Eyes; Bright Yellow with an orange tinge.
Lips: Full
Body: Slim/athletic with the addition of a pair of wings. Her wings are smallish, if you can imagine a framework of fine bones covered by a thin skin with a spiderweb pattern. Oh, and I should also say that they fold into the small of her back, at will!

Clothing: Ragged suede dress with thigh length split, no shoes (she is barefoot).
Weapons: 9” dagger worn in a leather sheath on her left hip
Skills: Expert with the dagger.
Powers: Can fly. Speed. Has enhanced hearing abilities.
Personality: Wary but warms to others quickly once she gets to know them.

Notes: She can understand Greek but speaks English.


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