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Re: Character Descriptions
« Reply #4 on Jul 5, 2004, 2:31am »

Hmm, since I'd like to be involved, I suppose I should put the specs for my character eh?

Her name is Minhae (Min *rhymes with sin* hay *not to heavy on the y*). This foreign name alone hints that she is from a land close to the kingdom of Chin.

Her eyes are tinted an icy grey as if the grey-eyed goddess Athena herself had given birth to this mysterious creature. Her hair is normally held up by a black scarf albeit long silky strands of ebony black grace her milky foreign (asian) face and fall bellow her shoulders in curls.

Her garmets are of peculiarity. At first glace, she seems to wear the traditional black ninja outfit -- a black Shinobi Shozoku decorated with cerulean blue embroiderary borders along the seams of the whole ensemble. Taking a second glance, one would notice the unfamiliar mask that covers her forehead. It seems to have four silver slits, giving the mask an illusion of seeing four glowing eyes. Attatched to the ends of this mask are beautifully ornate circular gems -- possibly also originated from her foreign land. What sets off this normal mask is the tied feathers and beads that flow freely by her ears. The seem... almost Amazonian!

Taking a third glance, a sheer silvery lame (pretend there's an accent over the e) scarf is wrapped around her neck and drapped over her back -- acting as a small cape. It is embossed with strange patterns that hint to the trained eye as an Arabic design.

Looking past the cape, she carefully hides two twin ebony scabbards, each blanketing the source of this warrior's deadliest ability.

It's evident that this warrior has traveled many distant lands and fortunately, one isn't unlucky enough to engage this mistress in battle or he/she might learn of the many fatal skills and strengths of this traveling warrior.

*additional commentary*

Her traveling companions include her golden saddleback palomino horse named Suki (ok, so I love Argo... so sue me) and a syberian wolf named Hisa (and I enjoyed playing Samurai Showdown when I was younger... I'm ignoring the eye rolls...).

Underneath her traditional ninja robes... to be continued! (because I'm sleepy and it's 11:34pm and I need my beauty sleep)



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