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Re: Character Descriptions
« Reply #5 on Jul 31, 2004, 3:55am »

Here's the up and up on the new girl!


A girl of no more than 17, small, almost frail, carrying no weapon or pack of any kind wanders the forests of the ancient world.

She stands around 5’5, with deep dark hair chopped wildly about her head, short, curly and straight all at the same time, jutting out as if someone hacked at it crudely.

Her clear, icy blue eyes seem to both see through your soul and not see at all.

In fact, her physicality is not what draws people to her – instead she is surrounded by an aura of such draw that one can almost see it, if not reach out and touch it. Everything about her is light and watery, she almost appears to float, laughter and joy cling to her like a robe. Yet despite her ability to put one at ease, there is something altogether disturbing about her. It is about the time one begins feeling apprehensive about her that one notices the markings.

Runes, symbols, and spells from before time cover her body in blue ink, just below the surface of her skin. Nine significant runes in all, though no one ever really takes the time to count them, each one special and each surrounded by it’s own song of magik. What is suddenly obvious to the observer now is that she stands before you naked beneath the huge, blue pelt draped loosely o’er her shoulder, right down to her bare toes wiggling in the earth as if reaching for water below the soil. If she were to walk away from you, you would see a bird, a solid raven etched into her back, wings spread across her shoulder blades as if streaming through the sky, and talons opened wide, both giving and receiving simultaneously. But she’s facing you now, staring at you with those dancing blue eyes, and that’s when you see the one mark that’s different from all the others, right in the center of her chest, above her breasts like a pendant, a black symbol over a blue, frightening and out of place.

She is both ugly and beautiful.


She is known by many names, a name for each leg of her journey through life.
First, she was Katiska, meaning pure, of the house of Rurik, leader of the tribe of Krivichian in Novgosod, the Frigid North.

Then she became Gythia, priestess, in the rights of Asatru, trained to become the Seid (sear) of the Galder (divination using runes). Here she received her markings. The Nine Runes are the Nine Virtues:

1. Courage (on her forehead)
2. Truth (right shoulder)
3. Honor (left shoulder)
4. Fidelity (above breast)
5. Discipline (stomach)
6. Hospitality (right hand)
7. Industriousness (left hand)
8. Self-reliance (right thigh)
9. Perseverance (left thigh)

Following her betrayal of her vows, she was called Yekatenka, that is torture, for that was her punishment.

Upon being cast out of her tribe, she chose the name Mstislav for herself, which means in the tongue of her people, Vengence. For that is what she is seeking, ever, without rest.

What in the world is she doing in these scrolls?

My hope is that as she wanders South through the forests of the old world, she will happen upon a hunting party of an Amazon tribe or a battalion of Roman soldiers. I have tried to reveal here only that which is crucial to her beginnings, leaving me room to grow her, as well as giving her the opportunity to share her stories herself. Is she to be friend or foe? Only the bards will tell.

Hope she passes inspection!



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