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« Reply #9 on Feb 3, 2005, 9:50am »

Occasionally it is impossible to write a scene without someone else's character saying something. So if anyone needs Guru to speak, here is a little insight into his motivation:

Guru the ghostbuster is a psychic investigator driven by a dark secret. His soulmate was found dead under suspicious circumstances, and he suspects murder. ( Well, yeah, being hacked to pieces is kinda suspicious!) His clandestine quest is for a genuine link to the other side so he can talk to her one last time. That's why people who hoax tend to light his fuse. You could say he has a predator's zeal in debunking frauds.

A stubborn streak a mile wide usually gets him in big trouble, but he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. If he says he'll be there, he'll be there. He prefers co-operation to competition since he believes the only prize truly worth fighting for is true love.

He never means to hurt people, but anyone who gets close to him seems to suffer some disaster. For this, Guru bears the burden of a heavy conscience.

He maintains a brave face, but you may occasionally glimpse a moment of weakness if you're quick.

Technologically competent, innovative (MacGuyverish), comfortable in public ... until a situation triggers his worst fear. He is deathly afraid of ever being close to another woman.

That was written back in October. Now we'll see if anything changes.



Phalon wrote:

« Guru Reply #37 on: Oct 10th, 2004, 1:28pm »

Guru: 5' 8", waist-length brown hair, blue eyes, unibrow, high cheekbones, has a few extra pounds (his "middle age spread starter kit") but hides it well, wears new jeans (black only) with button-down shirts, prefers full length leather or wool topcoats in bad weather, drives a van.

Photo at left is Guru working his regular job.

Paperwork says he's in his 40's (actual year of birth - 1860)

If the hardest lessons learned are the best learned, shouldn't I have learned something by now?


Guru's sword ... or at least the handle, which in Japanese is called tsuka.

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