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« Dixielandyankee Reply #41 on: Oct 11th, 2004, 11:51am »

Dixie - 23, shoulder length blonde hair often tied back in a loose pony tail, very blue eyes. Hourglass figure, usually clad in snug navy jeans and a fitted shirt with black steel toe-capped boots.

An action kind of girl she likes fast cars and horse riding and is a qualified diving instructor.


In case anyone wants to know, Dixie's incantations are plain old [sign in to see URL] poorly [sign in to see URL] at all :-/ --Log in or sign up to see linked image content--

The contents of her pots and vials are purely fictional in description, but if I ever have a need to describe their ingredients I would be happy to oblige!

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Whoosh-ChelSierra-Muse - Twi-Saga
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