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Sorry this took me so long, guys! I've been out with a back injury so my time on the computer has been drastically cut. However here it is in all it's glory.

Catch’s origins remain unrevealed for the time being, but she is known as a mysterious traveler. She has an “affinity for the shadows”, meaning the ability to move quickly and hide, but she is not able to go completely invisible.

Cursed to roam (why, remains to be seen) for eternity until she fulfills her destiny, Catch looks about 25 but is actually nearing 100 in age. She is very experienced in the demon trade and has great magical and fighting abilities. While she isn’t very social or congenial, she’s quite sarcastic and loyal to those she fights alongside.

Catch has shoulder blade length black hair, bright green (almost inhuman) eyes, and is very tall for a woman. She wears big, lace-up, black boots, black clothing (helps with the shadows) and tanned skin.


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