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Malory (last name unknown at this point)

Age: untold, but old in a timely way (looks about 35, though)

Appearance: about 5’9”, long black hair, green eyes, expressive face when she’s not hiding her emotions. Wears cowboy boots, jeans, a tank top, and a worn denim jacket.

Skills: she can block her thoughts from others, she can call her very loyal pets (Orion and Calliope) to life, but is one positive that stone gargoyles aren’t always “alive?” She can also morph her shape when need be.

She’s been in the house before, but it’s been a while since she was last there, as there has been some time-related degradation of the grounds.


My babies...

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This is how I picture Orion and Calliope

but not quite so scary... LOL.. grrrrr... LOL.

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