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     Hello silly me was wondering if anyone would be crazy enough to open the door if the knocker was used?

      I am an old character already defined in the Zena Scrolls. I have been away for a while due to working 80 hour weeks and trying to keep pace with new family responsibilities; which left no time for my old friends here. I was lucky to be able to re-establish my old account name here. Now for a while at least I have some free time and would like to enjoy the privilege of joining into a board.

     I'm not sure exactly where to jump in or even if it is an acceptable place for me. I am still reading the "back issues " of your work but, like what I am reading. I will wait for some feed back from the characters already residing in the House of Whoosher.



Whoosh-ChelSierra-Muse - Twi-Saga
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