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Lord Albert (Bertie) Rockingham

Age: Thirty-something
Height: 5’ 10
Weight: slim, plays a lot of tennis
Hair: black, brylcreemed back, pencil moustache
Eyes: grey/blueish
Clothes: Prince of Wales check double breasted suit, grey shirt with blue silk tie, camel-hair overcoat.
Hobbies: tennis with the ladies, rugger with the chaps, bit of an amateur sleuth.
Weapon: .38 cal revolver.
Bertie inherited his title and his millions from his father, the fifth Earl of Brancaster. The Earl made his fortune in the oil business and, on his death, passed it on to his only son. Bertie spends most of his time as a socialite, enjoying life, and his fortune, with his young wife Matilda.


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