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Trolls - A Huge 'Fail'. Sorry

On behalf of Runboard, we'd like to sincerely apologize for the really poor standard of trolling this week. Trolling is bit of a nuisance to those who aren't used to it; but gosh, once upon a time, there was a degree of skill, imagination and wit to it. But if there are any up-and-coming newbie trolls around who have those attributes, then they ain't been at RB lately. --Log in or sign up to see linked image content--

No, sadly, all we see here are aged, repetitive, worn out, pathetic efforts - a bit like silly old Uncle Fred's jokes; so dated and *sigh*, really quite lame. The originality is long gone, but poor Uncle Fred doesn't realize that. He blathers on, laughing to himself with that croaky old voice, winking at everyone and thinking they are laughing at his humor. But they are just laughing at him. It's very sad. --Log in or sign up to see linked image content--

So, you 'Uncle Fred' trollers, take a deep breath and realize, "It's gone - your time has passed". You're not funny any more (maybe you never were), you're not skilful (how hard is it to create accounts and find proxy IPs, duh), you're not edgy (same old, same old); face it, you're just boring and self-absorbed. Those of you who have families should try and spend more time with them. But if the internet is your only friend, then explore it and try and learn good, worthwhile, interesting-to-others stuff. Let's face it, you are only going to keep getting worse as you get older. Have some pride in yourself; anonymous donations to charity are a good thing from a kind person; anonymous posts are a cry for help from a troubled mind.

Please take heed of the above Uncle Fred (and Auntie Freda, too). We don't hate you - bless you for trying; but we feel sorry for you. Lame is lame and no one likes to see it, even in a troll or wannabe troll.

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