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Zena Scrolls Host
(1/6/03 6:46 pm)
Re: Character Descriptions

Zena of Thrace here. 5'7", dark curly hair and hazel eyes. She wears a green tunic with belt, leather pants and boots. She carries a chakram and her usual sword has one lima bean shaped emerald in the handle, having been a solstice gift from Evergreen. She was an eight year old child of a fishing village which was ultimately destroyed by Romans when a long period of starvation failed to kill everyone. As she was being driven along the beach by a centurian on horseback she was rescued by Amazons who took her into the tribe at the same time as Evergreen. The two became friends when Evergreen, who is a little older, came to Zena's defense when other Amazon children were teasing her. In the course of her life she has helped Xendra to raise other orphans and has taken on an adopted daughter, Gabby, herself. She is usually a cheerful woman, respectful of Amazon law and tradition, loyal to her tribe, her sister Evergreen and daughter Gabby.

"Agere Sequitur Esse"


My Bio:
"Agere Sequitur Esse"

At the age of eight I was orphaned by Romans and taken from my village in Thrace. Rescued by an Amazon Tribe I became the adopted sister of Evergreen and we travel together. I have an adopted daughter who is 17, Gabby, and I am skilled in the use of the sword, chakram and bow. My horse is Ergo.

My Occupation:
Amazon Warrior, Keeper of the Amazon Code

My Hobbies:
Learning to swim, shopping in bazaars for shirts, good food, trying to stay alive in BCE Greece.

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Whoosh-ChelSierra-Muse - Twi-Saga
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