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Evergreen & Vassaly

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(1/18/03 8:14 am)
Re: Character Descriptions

Wow, this wasn't as simple as I thought when I first read it. Evergreen is one complicated character. Here goes:

Compact 5'4'' on a medium build frame,wavy chestnut colored hair with natural silver streaks throughout with one area heavily concentrated. Medium complexion. Very dark brown eyes. Significant battle scars to her back.

Clothing: Wears doeskin colored pants and top embellished with a symbolic pine branch. Replacing this often lost particular article of clothing has been a point of contention between for Evergreen and Zena.

Boots: knee high.

Weapon: A very symbolic engraved and jeweled sword. You would think she could remember where she left it.

From the Animal Planet:

HORSE: Whisperer. Can't remember where she has parked it.
HORSE: Balius. Given to EG by the goddess Philotes DOG: Little Dog. A wayward mutt with short legs befriended by EG,passed around to various sisters, and has a persona of its own as of late.


MOTHER: Amazon, captured and enslaved in a Senatorial Roman household. Bore EG from a one sided lustful encounter with the Senator.
FATHER: Justinian, favored EG, gave her Roman education; expectation that she would lead the Roman Army.
HALF-SISTER: Leara. Fathered by Justian and his Roman wife who took favor with EG's mother.
SISTER BY CHOICE: Zena. Best friend and traveling companion,knows EG's dark side and complexities. Hangs in there in spite of it all. EG trust Zena with her life.

etc: As young children, EG and Leara were taken by EG's mother on a ruse of an outing into the forest permitted by Leara's mom. She gave them a symbol that would permit EG's mother to pass freely where ever she traveled in Rome. Mom booked it right out of town back to the Amazons. EG befriends Zena as a child. They are raised together and are devoted friends. Leara is EG's secret.
Later in life, angst loaded EG meets up with Dad and runs him through with her sword and kills him. (Hmmm,maybe that's where she left it.)
Trouble and wounds follow EG like a motherless lamb. She is aloof and frustrates her sister Amazons by not staying in one place for any protracted period of time. Evergreen,however, is devoted to them and would do anything to protect and preserve them.

"It is What it Is"


My Bio:
"Give me,O friend,the secret of thy heart safe in my breast to hide So that leagues which keep our lives apart,may not ever our souls divide."

My Occupation:
Accidental Warrior

My Hobbies:
Traveling Greece with Zena and band of sister Amazons searching for the good and the right thing to do.


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Whoosh-ChelSierra-Muse - Twi-Saga
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