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(4/14/03 9:20 pm)
Re: Character Descriptions

Haha sorry, I just now saw this thread. Better late than never, right?

Gabby here. Gabby is 5'1 with a small frame, and light complexion. She has blue eyes and straight, long brown hair. She wears a knee length light brown skirt, and matching brown top. Her boots are dark brown, and come up to the knees. Gabby's weapon of choice, and only weapon, is the staff. She has no animals, but has on occasion taken care of Little Dog (or has been taken care of by Little Dog), and is looking for a horse to call her own.

She is 16 years old, and lived out peacefully over 15 years of her life in a small village with her mother, father and two sisters. Her village was destroyed, and entire family killed by a band of traveling Romans. Since then Gabby has been taken in by the Amazon tribe, and adopted by Zena. She is not a member of the tribe, but looks forward to being formally inducted into her new family soon. Her life is now solely devoted to her sisters and Mother, and protecting them through any adventures that may come.


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