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(5/27/03 4:19 am)
Re: Character Descriptions

Well, I'll give this a shot...

Character: Slave girl
Name: None yet.. But its coming.
Age: About 14, 15. (No one ever kept track.)
Basic build: Short (Just barely 5') n stocky.
Hair color: Dark, dirty brown.
Eye color: Green.

Clothing: Rags, usually.. Whatever can be found. She's not picky.
Weapon(s): None. She has a bit of a history with knives however.. but thats another story.

Distinctive markings?
Currently a dark bruise on her left cheek, small scrapes and bruises all over, mostly healed but still there.

Basic background:An abused kitchen drudge in several taverns... Recently purchased by the messenger Boudicca for 5 silver pieces. For her freedom, she must pay Boudicca back.

Whew! Done. Left most of her background out though... Tis to be discovered later...


"Our thoughts and imaginations are the only real limits to our possibilities."
~ Orison S. Marden (Courtesy of XG)

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