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Little Dog

1itt1e dog

(6/3/03 7:41 pm)
Re: Character Descriptions

Little Dog is 2 human years, 14 in dog years. He was abandoned by an itinerant peddler when he refused to learn any stupid pet tricks. LD was found and fed on the road from Amphipolis by Evergreen.

His coat is sleek, light in color. His legs are short and so are his ears with a medium length tail that wags enthusiastically for EG, one of the Amazons of her tribe or her travelling companions. He especially likes Phalon, the pup Gabby, Zena as the next best thing to Evergreen and Blackwolf who speaks dog. Bhen Rudha is just a little too mysterious for this down to earth canine, and he would love to get his sharp pointy teeth around some Roman's arm having witnessed their cruelty in the Roman camp.

Cave Canem


My Bio:
I was picked up on the road from Amphipolis by Evergreen who saved me from starving. In gratitude I follow her everywhere. The others are just extra meat on the bone of my life.

My Occupation:
Guard dog

My Hobbies:
Chasing bad guys with the Amazons


Whoosh-ChelSierra-Muse - Twi-Saga
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