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The Video Gamers (Tourists)

Name: Bert Johnston
Age: 34
Hair: Bald
Status: Rich
Job: Video game creator; titles: Zombies, Zombies, Zombies - The Hills Are Alive With Zombies - Lost On Zombie Isle - I Love Zombies - Nothing But The Zombies

Name: Ernie Jacobsen
Age: 32
Hair: Crew cut
Status: Rich
Job: Video game creator - partners with Bert Johnston

Name: Eric Erikison
Age: 23
Hair: Shoulder-length
Status: Middle Class
Job: Actor - does the voices & animated motions of the zombies in the video games.

Name: Sammy Giles
Age: 28
Hair: Waist-length
Status: Upper Middle Class
Job: Computer Graphic Artist - scans his art into the computer and turns them into 3D, flesh and blood images and brings them to life on the video screen.

All four are zombie nuts, and are overjoyed to have the opportunity to play the game for real. Well, live and in person, instead of on a computer or TV screen. The only thing that could enhance their joy, would be to actually be able to kill real zombies. (Or wet their pants when fantasy becomes reality.)


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Re: The Video Gamers (Tourists)

This is the account I used to post about the gamers.


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