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(6/3/03 12:30 am)
Re: Character Descriptions

--Log in or sign up to see linked image content-- Sumire

Appears to be in her mid 20's and is [sign in to see URL] or so. She has long straight raven hair that, when let down, is past the middle of her back. Mostly she will have it up secured by three violet laquered pins. Her eyes seem black at a distance but they are actually a deep dark brown.

To her distress, her present predicament has her wearing clothing salvaged from the lost caravan. Taken from Daisuke's store of clothes:
Split hakama (skirt-like pants) over a yakuta (a males light cotton kimono) And occasionaly over that (dependant on weather) a haori (a light mid-length coat designed to be worn over the kimono)
tabi (split toed socks)
geta sandles (wooden clog-type sandles)
She desperately hopes that the westerners will not realize she's wearing men's clothing.

((Prefers wearing the kimonos of her own design. Alas, she only has the one that she was able to salvage from the caravan. Because it is a kimono more suited for formal occasions, she keeps it, along with the obi sash (and other such acoutrements) safely bundled away rather than subject it to open travel.))

Underneath the draping clothing she has a slim dancer's build and moves with an unconscious grace.

Carries no weapon because then she'd have to put down her parasol or fan or brush or flute to hold them. *tsk*

***other stuff... Rather than stumble through greek in what she thinks an 'inarticulate' fashion, she has a habbit of translating what she is about to say in her head entirely before even starting to speak. So there are these odd pauses before she answers someone. If the listener isn't aware of this pattern it might seem as if she is unwilling to speak to them or ill at ease.

Every now and again, for no apparent reason, she'll do some mundane thing and make it seem like a ritual.

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My Bio:
a traveller from far exotic lands...

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a woman of the arts

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the chaotrix aka Sumire
(6/6/03 12:42 am)
Jappa- ness: Shiyougo-ichiranhyou (glossary

I will edit this entry with new words as they make their appearances in the posts.

But, since my computer keeps passing out because of the heat lately I will just start with the current post and then I'll edit to include the other stuff later.


--Log in or sign up to see linked image content-- Yoroshiku
yoroshiku = "Pleased to meet you."
oukami = wolf (when first letter is capitalized it refers to the Wolf Spirit)
Mori-no-kami = Forest-diety
kami = god/spirit/diety
Oukami-sama = Lady Wolf

--Log in or sign up to see linked image content-- Precious Things.
iie = "no"
Doko ni = "where (to/at)"
Anou.. = "um.."
Hai = "yes"
Doumo Arigatou gozaimasu = "Thank You Very Much"
hakama = skirtlike pants, mainly worn by men/samurai
maiko = young 'geisha-in-training' attendants to the geisha. usually perform dances.
obi = the broad distinctive sash that wraps around a kimono at the waist.
Sou ne = "That's right"
Doushitano = "What is it?" "What's wrong?"

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