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Madoc - Castellan of Vaelan Castle

(It occurs to me I've been somewhat remiss in this department for a while.)

Madoc - Castellan of Vaelan Castle

Age: 36.
Height: 5' 9.
Weight: 180.
Hair: Black, cut short for comfort whilst wearing a helmet.
Eyes: Brown.
Handednes: Righthanded.
Clothing: Moleskin trousers, white shirts covered by a leather jerkin and doeskin boots. For battle, ringmail armour and helm.
Personality: Madoc (christian name) is an amiable man. A friendliness tempered with just the right amount of firmness that befits his position. He is firm but fair in his dealings with his men and the folk of the castle. As such he is respected by all.
Powers: None that are yet known.
Skills: After he joined the castle guard as a boy, he was trained as a soldier and taken under the wing of the previous Castellan. He is an expert foot and horse soldier.
Weapons: Long-sword, short-sword, daggers and bow. Lance, when in battle on horseback.


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