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Registered: 11-2005
Location: Whoosher House
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Age: 25 (deceased 3 years ago, resurrected)
Height: 5’7” (5’5” @ age 15)
Weight: 145ish
Hair: shoulder-length, dark brown, wavy
Eyes: blue
(if it helps when visualizing her, she looks like angela, from the show bones,

only with blue eyes
Handedness: right
Clothing: amazon garb
Hobbies: hunting, weapons training, martial arts
Weapons: katana (worn on her back) [also owns the black sai that ellie wield. i haven't decided yet if she will get them back or get a new pair.]
Skills: expert with sai, expert swordfighter, best amazon warrior in tribe
Powers: none
Personality: shy, loyal to friends, warrior, honest, loving

Notes: understands and speaks both greek and english, understands latin. taught ellie to use the sai. ellie's best friend, then lover. killed by bret in the "year-long war." was pregnant with ellie's baby when she was killed. gave ellie her right of caste. her death caused ellie to completely lose it, and kill ten centaurs without realizing it. after ava's death, ellie spoke only to lauri and omri for over three years. brought back to life by annabelle. (no more notes will be added, keep reading the story!)


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