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Frieda Rose McFlannel


(9/9/03 1:35 pm)
Re: Character Descriptions

Frieda Rose McFlannel
age 20 years old,
Reddish blond hair, 5"5, green eyes scrawny, but strong (weaver and all), weeny but way curious, weaver of flannel and cotton goods.
Blinded at work, going to place a wool saddle blanket on a horse, walked behind and was kicked.
Born in Scotland to a ale/flannel producing family, grew up on the family farm.
At age 11 she and her twin sister, Fia (deaf from birth) were abducted and sold to Greek flannel producing businesses.
Age 14 sold to a man whom loved her (Hubcles), married 5 years till his death.
Freedom at age 14. Friend is seamstress Metussa.

The flannel making is for Greek troops in the Northern lands, but, Frieda is trying to get out of that arena and into clothes for Greek life.

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